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The Story:
My brother had a falling out with several of his friends, and decided to get back at one by having us pretend to be another. Fun!!!!

(10:07:11 PM) You have just entered room "chat37965103040216200665."
(10:07:21 PM) Lucitania has entered the room.
Rayovac (10:07:36 PM): hi Lucitania
Lucitania (10:07:50 PM): Hi, are you someone I know or just a random person?
Emmie (10:07:55 PM): hiya!
Rayovac (10:08:06 PM): just a random person
Emmie (10:08:12 PM): hahaha
Lucitania (10:08:47 PM): In that case, I'm a bit busy. Just joined the chat because I didn't know if you were someone I knew and had to talk to.
Rayovac (10:09:03 PM): well, Ive seen you before. we were interested
Rayovac (10:09:12 PM): Im Leon
Lucitania (10:09:22 PM): Where did you find this screen name? Just out of curiousity
Rayovac (10:09:54 PM): HPRPG
Lucitania (10:10:01 PM): Who's your character?
Rayovac (10:10:17 PM): Leon Mills, from Ravenclaw
Lucitania (10:10:28 PM): Sounds familiar... ::shrugs::
Lucitania (10:10:47 PM): But really though, if you don't actually need me for anything, I do have stuff I should be doing

Rayovac (10:10:55 PM): well, actually.....
Rayovac (10:11:01 PM): You wanna tell her, Emmie?
Emmie (10:11:09 PM): hmmmmmm...
Lucitania (10:11:15 PM): Who is this other person now?
Emmie (10:11:16 PM): i think your better at it
Emmie (10:11:22 PM): I'm emmie
Emmie (10:11:30 PM): I'm with Leon
Rayovac (10:11:30 PM): alrighty. this is my very speacial friend
Lucitania (10:11:31 PM): Character
Emmie (10:11:34 PM): hahaha
Emmie (10:11:40 PM): a very special friend?
Emmie (10:11:42 PM): hehe
Emmie (10:11:44 PM): love it

Lucitania (10:12:05 PM): Not to be pushy, but can you get on with it?
Rayovac (10:12:29 PM): Emmie doesnt have a character. Shes my very very very intimate friend.
Lucitania (10:12:34 PM): Alright, fine then
Emmie (10:12:39 PM): hahaha
Rayovac (10:12:42 PM): but lately I havent been able to keep her satisfied
Emmie (10:12:43 PM): that's better!
Emmie (10:13:00 PM): yeah...
Emmie (10:13:09 PM): damn straight

Rayovac (10:13:16 PM): we were hoping you could help us out. . .
Lucitania (10:13:33 PM): Ok
Rayovac (10:14:14 PM): really?!?
Lucitania (10:14:31 PM): Why don't you tell me what you want before I agree to anything, eh?
Lucitania (10:14:41 PM): And try not to dawdle
Rayovac (10:15:03 PM): well sweetie, I want you to help me satisfy my girl.ask her what she wants tonight
Emmie (10:15:14 PM): I don't know Leon
Rayovac (10:15:28 PM): well, we could always try something new, eh, sweetie?
Emmie (10:15:29 PM): she seems.. too much in a rush
Lucitania (10:15:38 PM): *snort* Yeah, alright. I'll see you later.
(10:15:44 PM) Lucitania has left the room.
Rayovac (10:15:47 PM): she does, doesnt she? maybe we should teach her some patience...
Emmie (10:15:50 PM): hahahahahahahaha
Emmie (10:15:52 PM): dude

Rayovac (10:15:53 PM): LMAO!!!

Didn't get the results we were quite looking for, but it was still damn hilarious.