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Dave Barry
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The Story:
This friend hasn't had internet back in a while, and when she told me she got it back, and gave me her new SN, I just had to mess with her. This time I used to help!

nestlepurlife312(00:25:49): HeyCan GotInternet back
Candy(00:26:02): Yeah
nestlepurlife312(00:26:14): alrgihty
Candy(00:26:21): who is this agian
nestlepurlife312(00:26:34): my name is jennie
Candy(00:26:57): and where do i know you from ?
nestlepurlife312(00:27:12): california
Candy(00:27:24): I dont know any one from cali
nestlepurlife312(00:27:35): ok
Candy(00:28:03): and its kinda creepy beacuz you know my name and i have no clue who you are and this is a new screen name and everything
Candy(00:28:06): where did you get my name

nestlepurlife312(00:28:14): dont worry im not as weird as u think
Candy(00:28:57): how weird are you ? and where did you get my screen name from
nestlepurlife312(00:29:09): lol r u confused or somethnig?
Candy(00:29:20): yeah. im dumb
Candy(00:29:26): if you know me you should know that much
nestlepurlife312(00:29:30): ok
Candy(00:29:37): ok......
nestlepurlife312(00:29:48): yea...
nestlepurlife312(00:31:00): u doin ok over there?
nestlepurlife312(00:31:02): :-p

Candy(00:31:10): no im pukeing
nestlepurlife312(00:31:24): Ok
nestlepurlife312(00:32:28): uh hello? why aren't you talking?
Candy(00:33:02): because i bit off my finger nail and im picking my nose with it DUH
nestlepurlife312(00:33:12): you want me to tell you?
Candy(00:33:49): sure why not...
nestlepurlife312(00:34:00): oh crap i forgot my dentist appointment :-/ oops
Candy(00:34:31): if crap forgot then my fingures in my ass
nestlepurlife312(00:34:43): what do you think about ur fingures in ur ass?
Candy(00:35:15): i dont know but if you wanna hear about the time i broke my arm going to school
nestlepurlife312(00:35:23): we can still chat anyways
Candy(00:35:39): ok but my head got broke
nestlepurlife312: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot prank all your friends by visiting cyberprank(dot)com

Peaple, places, names, dates, have been changed o protect the identity of the "victim" yadda yadda yadda